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The Enzymatic Edge: How To Build More Muscle With Less Protein

How To Get More Protein From Your Shakes And Food

Without This, You are NOT absorbing all your Protein

Have you ever seen a landfill?

It’s a horrific site, scary and not desirable.

If there was something you could do to avoid it, you would do it right?

You could recycle.

You could take precautions about what products you use and how you dispose of the containers.

A visual image of something can really influence your actions and thoughts vs just reading about it.

That’s why it’s so hard to convince people that their “insides” may be rotting with undigested foods from years past.

But take a second and imagine that landfill in your stomach.

There’s a high probability that if you are not doing this one thing when consuming protein, you are just creating a landfill of undigested protein waste in your gut.That is NOT what you want and it will not help you gain muscle, become healthy and continue burning fat.

Be aware of the dangers of high protein diets

This short but powerful 14 page guide you will completely change the way you think about your protein needs and set you on the right path again. Oh, and it’s FREE!


The Enzymatic Edge Guide:Why Less Protein Is More Optimal

Let me be clear:

This is NOT a diet.This is NOT a nutrition plan.

This IS a solution to help you lower your protein consumption and actually experience better and faster gains that you have ever had.And in this guide you will learn:

  • how to cook your foods properly to not destroy digestive enzymes

  • how eating more protein can actually lead to muscle breakdown

  • the truth about protein that supplement companies try to hide

  • how a vegetarian bodybuilder used this technique to dominate his competition and become champion while only eating 85g of protein


I would never endorse a product I didn't use myself. That seems dishonest to me. With that being said, I take BiOptimizers Products every day and wholeheartedly recommend both products. I've not seen a more potent proteolytic enzymes and probiotics. This is definitely one of the missing pieces in the puzzle of overall health and wellness.


Your body's ability to recover from your workouts is limited by the ability to absorb and utilize amino acids.

That's why I take BiOptimizers products, so that I can consume less protein on a daily basis and ACTUALLY digest and absorb what I'm eating instead of flushing it down the toilet.


I take your products everyday because I understand the importance of having great gut health. BiOptimizers products are a part of my daily regimen that I use to attack gut inflammation.

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Are you ready to build muscle with a little protein

Supercharge Your Muscle-Growth,Shape, and Metabolism... withTHE ULTIMATEMUSCLE-BUILDING STACK

Muscle growth depends on so many nutritive factors, but most of all — on your ability to turn protein into usable amino acids.

Most people have weak protein digestion, due to years of digestive neglect, enzyme deficiency, and poor gut health.

ALL of that must be fixed in order to maximize muscle growth and fat-burning metabolism.

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